Tuesday 28th May 2024
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1. Long-term durability

You may be tempted to go all-in with what is modern when you choose the material and shape of your new kitchen.

But beware, it is a classic mistake to choose something very nice at the moment, but that you quickly get tired of. Choose a style you know you will enjoy even in ten years. You can choose something with a wow factor for your kitchen, but do it with small products or on smaller surfaces that can be replaced when you get tired of the style.

2. Good ventilation

Not all kitchen fans are good-looking and it happens that you are opt-out of the fan because of it. But do yourself a favor and remember that good ventilation in the kitchen is important – it makes it more comfortable to be in the room.

There are many cooker hoods and fans that look perfectly okay or that can be adapted to the room, as here in the picture. Here they have chosen to paint the fan in the same color as the rest of the cabinet doors, which gives a nice interplay. It may cost a little extra if you want a fan that is adapted to your particular kitchen, but it is usually worth it.

3. Thoughtful flow

If your kitchen is a walk-through room, it is a good idea to decorate based on it, otherwise, you risk that everyone is in the way of each other during cooking. The actual work surface in the kitchen is located a bit away from the patio doors so that you can go in and out without being in the way of someone cooking.

4. Part of the living room

In the past, the kitchen was a separate room, but now it is becoming more and more common to build the kitchen into other rooms. Very many have both kitchen and living room in one. If your stylish sofa is to get the attention it deserves, the kitchen should be kept neutral so that it does not take over the entire room. There should be balance, and a kitchen with a variety of colors will dominate the room. Also make sure that you have good storage options for your kitchen items because if it is messy here, it makes the whole room look messy.

5. Create extra space

If you move into a home where the cooking space is too small for your needs, you do not have to tear out everything and install a new kitchen. You can build in more space in the form of a kitchen island or a kitchen organizer rack, which fits in with the style of the rest of the kitchen.

6. Good drawers and cabinets

It is probably obvious to most people, but many people forget to think carefully about storage solutions in their kitchens. Then it just ends with a messy kitchen that is annoying to look at and hard to work in – therefore remember all the important cabinets and drawers for the kitchen.Italian cabinets

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