Friday 12th July 2024
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

We all know that recycling is an important part that each of us should play in helping to maintain a sustainable environment. But it’s so much work, you have to put in extra thought, take extra steps, and in our busy lives there just isn’t that much time to spare for something that isn’t really an imminent problem.

However it is important to break that thought cycle in both you, and your family. Use the following tips to try and break free from procrastination and turn your home into a recycling machine.

1. Have a Meeting – It is always easier to make a lifestyle change when you have the support of family, and even friends from around the neighborhood. Set up a meeting with everyone you think might be interested in this initiative. Discuss with everyone what you would like to accomplish, and how to do it. If you can, get everyone to sign a pledge or contract to make at least one small change in their daily lives.

2. Make it a Game – Things are always more fun when they are a game. Set up a chart, and keep track of how much your family recycles on a weekly basis. Once you reach a certain amount, plan a reward like a weekend vacation somewhere fun.

3. Make it Easy – Recycling should be so easy you don’t even have to think about it. Have plenty of bins set up, and clearly label them with bright lettering so everyone knows exactly where to throw there trash.

4. Have a Cause – Make sure that you constantly remind everyone why you are recycling. It should be more than a habit; it should become a moral obligation to help change the world. That way the message will internalize.

5. Don’t Stop – It is easy to recycle in the excitement of starting a new campaign, but after a few months, taking out those extra bins can become a burden nobody wants to bother with. Continue to use the steps above to try and reinvigorate yourself and your troops when spirits flag and it becomes difficult to go on. recycling machines

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