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Driving under the influence of alcohol has serious consequences these days, so if you have been caught doing this, it is time for legal representation. You could lose your license, pay hefty fines, and even get time in jail. Additionally, some employers will not hire you after you have this on your record, and you will likely suffer from increased insurance costs. Therefore, it is crucial that you be represented properly, with an experienced DWI lawyer.

In many cases, if you end up attempting to represent yourself in court, you will make a costly mistake. You may tell details that you do not need to disclose, resulting in a conviction. This can stick around on your criminal record for years, preventing you from even getting certain types of jobs, especially those that require you to drive or work with the government. Therefore, you may suffer the consequences of not hiring a DWI lawyer for several years after your conviction.

One little-known fact that you may not consider is that you do not always have to submit to testing after you are stopped for drinking and driving. If you do, note that you do not typically get to choose the test you take, even though different results may be reported from each type. Therefore, sometimes it is just luck that determines whether you are considered to be over the legal limit in your state or not.

Additionally, any DWI lawyer should let both you and the court know that the timing of the tests can be important. For example, if you have a few drinks and then immediately drive, you will be less drunk than if you wait anywhere from several minutes to an hour, as the alcohol will have time to enter your bloodstream. In some cases, you will be forced to sit around for hours before you can take a test, whether the police intend for this to occur or not, and therefore you will be drunker than when you were driving. Clearly, this can affect your case unfairly.

Before you try to handle your case on your own, consider the benefits of having a DWI lawyer to represent you. This type of accusation is not usually taken lightly, nor is it easy to get out of. Most people do not know the rules, and may end up having a conviction on their record that could have been avoided altogether. Allow an attorney to increase your odds of winning your case. personal injury attorney

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