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Family mediation is a process where couples or individuals meet with a trained impartial mediator who helps facilitate discussions around the issues in their dispute. The aim is to help parties reach an agreement which is best for them and their children. The mediation can be completed in a single day or over a series of sessions, depending on the needs of each participant. It is a confidential, voluntary and consensual process.

The benefits of family mediation include:

A quicker and less stressful resolution than going to court. It is also typically 20-50% cheaper than litigating a dispute in court. It is flexible – participants can choose how long they attend each session, whether to mediate face to face or online, and whether or not to have their lawyers present. It is less traumatic for children, and can help parents work together for the good of their child(ren). It allows for creative solutions to be drafted which are better for the family as a whole than what would be imposed by a judge.

Preparing for a family mediation session
It is important to prepare for a mediation. It is helpful to get a good night’s sleep the night before, and be well-hydrated. It is also important to bring all relevant paperwork relating to the matter in dispute. You should also make a list of questions you want to ask the mediator and any points you wish to raise. It is also advisable to think about what the outcome of the mediation will look like, keeping in mind that custody disputes are not about you or your ex-partner, but about what is best for your children. family mediation

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