Tuesday 25th June 2024
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A camping refrigerator is an essential piece of gear for keeping your food and drinks cool, especially if you plan on doing any camping or 4WDriving off the grid. Whether it’s a weekend away for two or feeding the whole team at half-time during a sporting match, there’s a fridge size to suit your needs.

A compressor fridge is the best option for truck camping, car camping, and overlanding. They operate very efficiently using gas and don’t require a constant supply of cold water, which makes them ideal for remote campsites.

These fridges are powered by a compressor that pumps refrigeration gas around the system, cooling the cabinet by evaporating the refrigerant. These fridges are usually insulated to reduce heat transfer and can be either single or dual-zone. Some models also come with expansion inserts to increase the fridge capacity as your trip lengthens.

Many brands have started integrating bluetooth and WiFi connectivity to their camping fridges to offer the ability to adjust temperature settings from your smartphone app. The Dometic fridge app, for example, offers a useful way to monitor power use, historical temperatures and other metrics that can help you keep your vehicle fridge running at peak performance.

Brands like Dometic have a reputation for quality and durability, but there are other options available if you’re looking to stay within a specific budget. The F40C4TMP brand, for instance, produces some of the most affordable battery-free camping fridges with very competitive customer satisfaction ratings and a high level of efficiency. Their fridges are also compatible with the BougeRV portable power station to ensure your fridge will always have a solid DC power source. camping refrigerator

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