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If you want to decorate cakes, cupcakes, or cookies, then you need to have a way to get the icing onto your dessert. Sure, you can use a spatula, but that doesn’t allow for much in the way of creativity. To really make your decorations shine, you need to use a cake decorating bag.

There are several different types of bags that you can use, but the three most common are featherweight bags, disposable bags, and parchment triangles.

Featherweight Decorating Bags

Featherweight bags are made of polyester, which makes them fairly durable. You can use and reuse them, washing in between uses. They will even stand up to being put in the dishwasher. You can use them as is, add a tip, or add a coupler along with your tip.

When you use a featherweight bag with a coupler, you will need to prepare the bag for use. The purpose of the coupler is to allow you to use the bag with different sized tips. Choose the tip and coupler you will use first, then follow the directions below.

You can do this by dropping the coupler into the bag, narrow end first, and pushing it into the tip as far as it will go. Using a marking pen, make a mark on the outside of the bag at the place there the first thread of the coupler is located. Remove the coupler, and cut off the bag’s tip, just under the mark you made.

Now, put the coupler back into the bag. Screw on the outer part of the coupler (the part that looks like a lid with a hole in the middle). This will keep your coupler in place. Put the tip into the bag, which is now secured by the coupler. Your bag is ready to be filled with icing and used.

Disposable Decorating Bags

Disposable bags look much the same as featherweight bags, except for their color. With few exceptions, featherweight bags are white, while disposable bags are clear.

You can simply cut a hole in the end of your bag and use it by itself, or you can use a tip, with a coupler if you like. If you do, just follow the above directions, as the methods of use are the same.

Parchment Triangle Decorating Bags

As already stated, parchment bags do not start out as bags. They start out as triangles that you fold in such a way that you end up with decorating bags. It is too difficult how to explain the proper way of folding the parchment, but you can learn how to do so by watching videos, such as the one created by Wilton’s at

The finished product greatly resembles the paper found wrapped around ice cream cones. If this is what your bag looks like, then chances are good that you made yours correctly.

Your parchment bag will have a small hole in it. If the hole is not big enough, you can cut it to make it bigger. If you prefer, you can use a tip, but do not add a coupler, for this will tear up the parchment, rendering your bag unusable.

Filling Your Decorating Bag

Regardless of what type of bag you use, filling them is pretty much the same. First, hold on to the bottom portion (the tip) of your bag, then fold the top portion of the bag over, so it covers your hand. Next, scoop icing into the bag. You want to use enough icing to fill your hand, and not much more. It is difficult to work with a bag that has too much icing in it.

After you have filled your bag, unfold the top of the bag, so that it is back to normal. Use your hand to squeeze the icing into the tip, then squeeze a small amount of icing out, so that any trapped air is removed. This is known as burping your bag. Michael Kors tote handbags

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