Monday 15th April 2024
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

Whether it’s for electricity, gas or water, utility services are essential to modern life. And when it comes to paying for these services, the right payment system is critical. This is especially true as consumers are shifting to new ways to pay their bills, like mobile phone apps and online bill payment options.

PaymentVision has solutions to meet these changing consumer needs. Our eStatement and text-to-pay solutions make it easier for customers to pay their bills. And our walk-in payment retailer network allows customers to make cash payments at more than 40,000 grocery stores, convenience stores and other locations. And our downloadable PV Mobile app gives customers an easy, secure way to make one-time and recurring payments on the go.

We also have a wide range of credit card solutions that help utilities reach their consumers in a more convenient way. And our POS technology, including the ability to accept swipe and chip-cards and contactless payments, can help improve consumer experiences in the field.

When a customer of your bank makes a payment in favour of a particular institution or utility provider who has issued a bill, your bank creates a utility payments product to process this transaction. The product defines the accounting details and charges and rates that your bank levies on such transactions. These specifications are mapped to the ‘Utility Provider Type Maintenance’ screen in ‘ARC Maintenance’ and they are applicable for every payment transaction made against this product. This helps you avoid capturing such specifications for each transaction and you save time in processing each payment. utility payment system

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