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When you’re working on a diamond painting, the right tools can make all the difference. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, these accessories can improve your experience and help you create beautiful work.

A Sturdy Workstation

One of the most important accessories for any diamond painting project is a sturdy flat surface. Your workstation will need to be large enough to fully lay out the canvas and all your supplies, so it’s important to find a good quality table or mat that can support the weight of your painting. Many crafters also choose to use a large piece of felt laid over the work surface to provide more traction and grip.

A Light Pad

A dimmable light pad is a must-have for any diamond painter. This tool helps reduce eye strain by allowing you to see the tiny, color-coded diamonds more easily. You can use the light pad in place of natural or overhead lighting when you’re working on your painting. Many people even prefer using a light pad that has different levels of brightness so they can customize the level of lighting to suit their preferences.

Diamond Painting Pens

There are several types of diamond painting pens available on the market, each with its own unique benefits. Some pens have a wax tip that you dip into to pick up the diamonds, while others feature an adhesive wheel that makes it easy to place the diamonds on the canvas. Some of these pens can be purchased individually, while others are included in larger kits.

A Diamond Tray

Although it may seem unnecessary, a diamond painting tray is a must-have accessory for any beginner or advanced artist. This small plastic container features tiny uniformed ridges along the bottom that allow you to align your diamonds in advance before putting them on the canvas. This is especially helpful for reducing errors caused by misaligning the sparkle side of the diamond with the painted side.

If you’re not interested in investing in a diamond painting tray, you can still enjoy the convenience of pre-aligned drills by using a regular tic-tac container. However, these containers can be difficult to open and close, so it’s best to invest in a special diamond art tray that will make the process easier.

A Frame

Once you’ve completed your diamond painting, it’s a great idea to frame it. This will protect your work and give it a more finished appearance. It’s recommended that you use a glass-free frame to avoid dulling the vibrant colors of your artwork.

Whether you’re looking for a simple, inexpensive frame or something more elaborate, there are plenty of options on the market to match your style and budget. In addition to frames, there are also a variety of storage cases on the market that are designed for protecting and displaying your paintings. Some of these cases come with removable foam boards that can be used to hold your paintings while they’re not in use. diamond painting zubehör

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