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Employment lawyers assist with the interpretation and application of complex laws that govern employees. They advise employers on best practice and procedures in the workplace, help with negotiations regarding employee issues and guide companies through legal proceedings brought by disgruntled workers. Employment lawyers are often able to save companies money by helping them get their paperwork in order so that it complies with current legislation. They can also help businesses develop policies that prevent litigation and prevent costly mistakes.

Whether you are facing a wrongful termination claim, need help with a discrimination case or have a grievance about the way in which your company handles its staff, finding a good NYC employment lawyer is important. There are a number of ways to find an employment law attorney, including asking friends and family members for recommendations or conducting an online search.

When hiring an employment lawyer, you will want to choose a practitioner who specialises in the specific area of law that you require. Some practitioners charge a flat fee for advice, while others may offer a service on a contingency basis.

An employer can hire an employment lawyer to handle a number of different disputes, including claims involving compensation matters, noncompete agreements, and whistleblower allegations. Barry Janay PC, for example, has considerable experience representing executives in severance negotiations and is renowned for his work on high-profile cases involving compensation matters and misconduct claims. Erika Collins of Faegre Drinker is highly regarded for her expertise in international employment matters and regularly helps clients with investigations, audits, and advisory work relating to employment issues. Employment lawyers

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