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Nobody knows more about hair care and the products you need to achieve perfect hair than stylists. They have experience of working with all kinds of hair to achieve any different effects. It makes sense that the top stylists want to design their own products so that they can create better and better effects. If you want to try a professional product which has been uniquely designed using cutting edge ingredients they try Brocato Hair Products.

Sam Brocato has a salon in New York where he and his staff work on unique styles for their clients. His philosophy is about using hair as a medium to create beautiful shapes and patterns. Through this work he saw the need for high quality products which cover all hair needs. Brocato products are unique in the way that they can be layered for different effects. He also believes in using natural ingredients and all aspects of his products are produced in a sustainable way. This is a truly modern range of products.

Natural hair care is becoming increasingly popular as people become more aware of the damage caused by chemicals in beauty products. Chemicals in hair products can build up and leave the hair feeling dirty, greasy and unmanageable. There are also oils in some chemicals which can cause frailty in the hair when used for a long time. Another advantage of natural products is that they have plant extracts and oils which enrich the hair.

The Brocato collection features ranges for everyday use, curly hair, hair repair, color protection and scalp treatments. In the everyday range are sulfate-free shampoos with plant proteins which enrich the hair. The conditioners, for example America Daily Conditioner have plant extracts designed to strengthen the hair. Regular use should lead to strong hair which resists damage and stays manageable.

The collection for restoring the health of your hair is called Cloud 9 Miracle Repair System. It is designed to combat the problems caused by styling, environmental factors and over use of heat on the hair. Tests have shown that using a mixture of the products may strengthen the hair by up to three times. There are several products including; Blowout Serum to protect the hair while blow drying or straightening, Hot Shapes Spray to fix the style and Miracle Repair Complex which is similar to an intensive conditioning treatment.

If you have colored hair then the Brocato Vibracolor collection can help protect it. Sun, environmental damage and blow drying all cause colors to fade but Vibracolor can help fortify the hair against these problems. The products contain a unique selection of vitamins, humectants and antioxidants. They will protect your hair from sun damage with UV shields. These products should help prolong your color and enhance its brilliance.

The Brocato styling products have been developed to be used together. This means that you can layer them to create many different effects. They are also blendable and will not build up in your hair to make it look unnatural. There are products to define curls and give body to very straight hair.

Brocato hair products are uniquely designed to cope with all the problems encountered when taking care of your hair. They are natural and designed to enrich your hair.

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