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Getting a local moving quote online is an easy way to compare prices from several different companies. However, it’s important to understand that a moving estimate is only as accurate as the information you provide, so be sure to be upfront and honest about what you plan to move. If you’re moving a large or bulky item that requires special handling, or you’ll need storage services for a few weeks, make sure to mention it up front. Otherwise, the movers may have to charge you extra on the day of your move.

Local moving quotes are based on hours and the number of movers required for your move. If you have an especially large home or need a lot of packing services, this can add up quickly. If you’re planning to self-pack and do just the minimum amount of packing yourself, then it’s a good idea to hire a company that offers self-packing services to save money on labor.

Another big factor is the size of your home and the weight of your shipment. This is why most movers require a visual or virtual tour of your home before giving you a quote. This gives them an accurate idea of the size of your home and how much it will weigh, which is necessary for estimating the cost of truck space, gas, equipment, and labor.

Typically, long-distance moves are more expensive than local moves because of the additional mileage and fuel costs involved. In addition, the cost of vehicle maintenance and the hourly rates for movers are higher. However, some companies also offer fixed prices for certain moving distances.

You can also expect to pay more for your move if you’re moving during peak season. This usually occurs in the summer because of ideal weather and school vacations. In addition, if you’re moving in or out of a condo or apartment, you may be subject to additional fees that are not typically reflected in the price of a residential move.

Finally, you’ll likely need to pay for access fees if your home or office is difficult to get into. This includes flights of stairs, narrow hallways, parking restrictions, or other obstacles that the movers will need to work around. These are generally not included in the pricing of a non-binding moving quote, but it’s best to be prepared for them ahead of time to avoid any surprises on the day of your move. If you’re planning to use a full-service move, be sure to ask about these additional charges in your local moving quotes online. You’ll have an easier time shopping for a reputable and reliable moving company if you can compare their prices for these additional services. You’ll also be able to make sure you’re choosing the right moving company for your budget. moving quotes out of state

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