Thursday 11th July 2024
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In the US, nearly 40% of adults are overweight, and obesity is one of the leading causes of preventable disease (1). A diet rich in healthy whole foods can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer. But a lack of time or cooking skills can make it difficult to stick with a nutritious meal plan (2). Fortunately, a number of healthy meal delivery services exist to help people meet their health goals by eliminating the stress and expense of grocery shopping and restaurant dining (3).

Many of the best ready meals delivered services offer options compatible with specialty diets like paleo, keto, vegan, organic, and gluten-free. And most offer a variety of menu options, including family-friendly meals, soups, and bulk portions. Some even deliver frozen, ready-to-eat meals (4). But how do you know which one is the best fit for your lifestyle? This guide will help you compare the top healthy food delivery services, so you can choose the right one to suit your needs and budget.

There are two main types of healthy meal delivery services: Kit-style meals that come with pre-portioned ingredients and recipe cards, and ready-to-eat meals that you simply heat up in the oven or microwave (5). The latter is a great option for busy families, students, or anyone who wants to eliminate the hassle of meal planning and cooking every night (6).

Hungryroot offers an excellent meal kit service for healthy eating, but also provides ready-to-eat meals for a more convenient and affordable option. Their menus are designed with health and taste in mind, featuring dishes like roasted cauliflower and quinoa kofta, sticky apricot seitan stir fry, and homestyle chicken with mac and cheese. They cater to a wide range of dietary preferences, and their meals are never made with GMOs, trans fats, or added sugars (7).

Another popular ready-to-eat meal delivery service, Plated specializes in healthy eating for busy people. Their chef-designed meals are crafted with time-saving and nutrition in mind, and they’re perfect for those who want to cut out the hassle of grocery shopping and home food prep. Each dish is paired with a simple recipe card, so you can recreate the meal at home. Plated also offers a variety of customizable menu options, including gluten-free and low carb meals.

Another great ready-to-eat meal delivery service, Fresh and Lean serves meals that are a good fit for NYC’s culinary culture. They recognize that the city is known for restaurants and dining out, so they create their meals with not only convenience but nutritional value in mind. Their meals are a blend of lean protein, fresh vegetables, and healthy grains, and they’re all created with a wide range of dietary preferences in mind, including vegan, Keto, Paleo, Whole30, and low-carb vegan. They’re also conveniently vacuum sealed and can be refrigerated for later.

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