Thursday 11th July 2024
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

With a stunning lake backdrop and the dramatic mountain scenery of the Alps, hotels in lago di garda provide a great base to explore this beautiful area. You can choose from a variety of lakeside and mountain hotels, with many featuring a spa so you can relax during your stay. You’ll also find plenty of family friendly hotels in lago di garda, ideal for those traveling with children.

Some of the best hotels in lago di garda are located in towns that are perfect for exploring on foot. Desenzano del Garda is one such town, where you can enjoy a wide variety of restaurants and bars while walking around the cobblestone streets. You’ll also find several excellent family friendly hotels in lago di garda, including the Hotel San Marco and Hotel Capo Reamol.

The hotels in lago di garda also offer plenty of choice for couples looking for romantic getaways or honeymoons. For example, the aristocratic Villa Feltrinelli is a gorgeous hotel conversion that features rooms filled with antiques and beautifully decorated furniture. You can also enjoy gourmet Italian food at the restaurant, which has its own wine cellar.

If you’re planning on visiting Italy’s largest theme park, then consider staying at the Vision Hotel, which is just a short drive away from the amusement park. This hotel has a spa, gym and pool so you can completely unwind during your stay. Alternatively, you could book a room at the Grand Hotel Liberty or Hotel Sole Relax & Panorama for a similar style of accommodation. hotels in lago di garda

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