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New Boiler cost

A heating system plays an important part in the functioning of a house. It provides you with heat, warms you up during cold winter days and provides hot water for your baths. Replacing a boiler would cost you anything between 2500 to 9000 dollars depending on whether it is mid efficient or a high efficient boiler. Boilers require a flue kit, which is sold separate from the boiler unit, and would cost extra. The flue kit costs between 150 to 300 dollars. The cost of the new boiler depends on its size, company, capacity of fuel required and the kind of boiler it is. However, there are additional costs relating to installation, re-wiring electricity if need be and flushing the heating system to avoid clogging up the new boiler. Disposal costs relating to the disposal of your old boiler should also be considered.Additional costs

The installation costs vary and largely depend on the professional you contract to install the boiler for you. A cost of around 25-75 dollars is required to ensure that your new boiler is certified and complying with fire and other regulations by local authorities. A further cost of about 300-1800 dollars may be incurred to install chimney liners. The cost also depends on whether the boiler uses oil or gas to operate. There is also the cost of removing old oil tanks, which may cost somewhere around 300-3000 dollars depending on the complexity of the job.Maintaining an old boiler or buying a new one

On the other hand maintaining or servicing your current heater could cost you a relatively lower amount than if you were to purchase a new boiler and have it installed. The rates would differ depending on the quote you get, the level of repair or maintenance required. It would also be a wise idea to contact a professional to ascertain whether your boiler still has some years left in it. Boilers generally function efficiently for a long period of time. Therefore, it would be cost-effective to maintain them than incur high costs replacing them. You should also find out whether the spare parts required to fix your boiler are easy to find or not. If they are hard to find, maintaining the boiler may cost you more than buying a new one. One of the major problems with old, inefficient boilers is the chance of them leaking carbon monoxide. This odorless, colorless gas is almost impossible to detect. Replacing your old boiler with an efficient upgrade eliminates this problem and keeps you and your family safe.Conclusion

Before rushing to replace your boiler, it is always advisable to consider all the related cost factors. A new boiler would cost much more than its retail cost, because additional installation costs raise the overall price tag. It is wise to get a reliable professional to access your boiler and appropriately consult you on whether you should maintain your current boiler or get a replacement. tap repair near me

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