Tuesday 25th June 2024
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

Display counter has divided into different type of counter like cake display counter, sweet display counter, bakery display counter and pastry display counter. These display counter should be made in hot and cold counter. Bakery display counter only made for show bakery food item at the front of shop. cake display counter and pastry counter is made only for one reason to show cake and pastry item. 

There is bakery display counter, cake display counter and sweet display counter is categories in display counter. All display counter has different temperature for food item. that’s the reason all display counter is divided into different filed. Cake display display counter is having different compressor compare than bakery display and sweet display counter.

Many people are making all type of display counter with low grade material like 32 gage sheet. here is only one benefit of 32 gage sheet. it has low price in market. that’s the reason. If you looking best display counter.

you should member your display counter should be made from 22 and 24 gage sheet. that’s the prefect sheet for your display counter and it should be ruining for long time without more money spent on you display counter. before purchasing these equipment you should remember these point.   These display counter is made by unbeatable price. Quầy pha chế

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