Tuesday 25th June 2024
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Inspirational Jewelry: Positive Messages to Enliven Your Heart and Soul
Many people choose inspirational jewelry as a way to carry a positive message with them throughout the day. They want a reminder to stay motivated and to be the best version of themselves. This kind of jewelry is often engraved with phrases that have meaning to the wearer, including quotes or words of wisdom.

Some bracelets and necklaces have a single word engraved on them such as “choose joy” or “hope.” Other pieces have symbols that represent certain traits of the wearer like boldness or kindness. Some designers are even using their jewelry to promote a cause such as Article 22, which uses the metal from bomb casings to create meaningful pieces and funnels money to organizations helping to defuse unexploded mines in Laos.

Jewelry with a message can also inspire a person by showing them that they can overcome difficult circumstances or challenges. For example, one of KIS Jewelry’s rings is engraved with the phrase, “This too will pass.” The piece reminds wearers that difficult times are temporary and they should be grateful for the good times.

Other types of inspirational jewelry feature a symbol with an important message such as the Gordian knot or the Irish Shamrock. The hamsa is another popular spiritual symbol that inspires believers by telling them to protect themselves with its five-fingered hand design. Lastly, some bracelets and rings use gemstones to add personality or a touch of color to the design such as diamonds or aquamarine. inspirational jewelry

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