Thursday 11th July 2024
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

An instant hot water tap (sometimes called a boiling water tap or a kitchen instant hot water dispenser) dispenses filtered, steaming near-boiling water at the push of a lever. Working like a hot shower, they draw water directly from your property’s mains supply, heating it up with an electrical element in a heavily insulated tank before dispensing it as and when required. Most models can also be set manually to maintain a specific temperature, allowing you to choose how high or low your hot drinks should be served.

The most obvious use is the ability to make a cup of tea or coffee over 20 times faster than using a kettle, but there are plenty of other uses as well. Boiling pasta, quick frying or reheating food, steaming vegetables, loosening stuck-on jar lids, and even clearing away sinus congestion are just some of the many tasks that will become easier with an instant hot water tap.

Compared to a conventional kettle, they typically consume up to 50% less energy. This is because the heating element is not constantly heating water, but rather holding it at a constant, thermostatically controlled temperature. This allows you to only dispense the amount of boiling water you require and avoid waste.

Safety is a consideration with most models featuring childproof locks. This helps to prevent curious toddlers or guests tinkering with potentially scalding water without adult supervision. In addition, most of the boiling taps we sell are rated to BS EN 50325:2010 and will dispense only if the button is pressed, not automatically. instant hot water tap

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