Friday 12th July 2024
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

Located at Matter Road in district 14, the project comprises of 1 Block of 5 storey residential condominium with 26 units. It is developed by L.K.Ang Construction and offers freehold residences with good proximity to the city centre. NTUC Fairprice and other neighborhood grocery stores are within walking distance, while renowned schools such as Canossa Catholic Primary School, Geylang Methodist School and Macpherson Primary School are nearby.

Matter’s goal is to make sure all your smart home devices can talk to each other without you having to pick one ecosystem over another. It aims to do this by setting up communication between devices over Wi-Fi, ethernet and Thread (which is a wireless standard backed by companies like Cisco and Z-Wave).

Devices will work with whichever smart home app you have, but they won’t automatically get access to all features of each platform. For example, at launch, Matter devices won’t support advanced functions like energy monitoring in a smart plug or complicated scene control for smart lights. These features require the devices to have their own apps.

As part of the initiative, manufacturers will build Matter support into their smart hubs and speakers. For example, you can expect the next-generation of Google Home and Amazon Echo products to support Matter. Samsung SmartThings also has a number of smart hubs with built-in Matter functionality, including the Family Hub fridge.

Other brands have also announced plans to add Matter compatibility to their existing products. For example, Veea will update its Stax smart hub hardware and software to include support for Matter. Expect more of this in the future as companies realize that adding compatibility with different ecosystems is a great way to differentiate their products. matter residences

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