Thursday 13th June 2024
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

Michael Jackson’s new studio album “Michael” will be launched on December 14th by SONY and Jackson’s heritage management committee. Within one week from November 8th, the first single music from this album “Breaking News” will provide completed audition on the official website. Michael Jackson reveals his discontent in the four minutes and 17 seconds’ music to the U.S media who always creates false news.

It is said that “Breaking News” was accomplished by Jackson and his producer Eddie Cascio. Although Jackson’s new album will be officially put on sale next month, Jackson’s family publicly doubt the truth of the album “Michael” because they think some of the music is not sung by Jackson. In order to reassure all the doubts, the SONY music company selects to offer the fans an audition of the music first.

Maybe many of Jackson’s fans do not know that his music team and he have been preparing the new album in the past few years. The “Breaking News” was never being a public works. In “Breaking News”, Michael Jackson reveals his discontent by lyrics to some of the U.S media who create false news.

One lyric says “Everyone wanting a piece of Michael Jackson. Reporters are stalking the moves of Michael Jackson. Just when you thought he was done, he comes to give it again.” After this song is exposed, some American critics give a high evaluation and believe the song must be Michael Jackson’s because this song is in accordance with Jackson’s personality. When he was still alive, he considered the U.S media as “natural enemy”. Many fans are very excited when hearing this song, even some of them leave a message online “thank you for your song from the heaven”.

In addition, Michael Jackson’s mother and children were publicly interviewed on “Oprah Winfrey Show”. Jackson’s mother said that she had tried to talked the problem of drug addiction with Jackson, but Jackson denied that and insisted saying “mom, you do not trust me”.

As Michael Jackson’s loyal fans, we sincerely hope he will be alive forever. We are all very sorry for Jackson’s death. Many fans mourn Michael Jackson with different kinds of ways. One of my friends is also a loyal fan of Jackson. He almost bought all of Jackson’s albums. Last year, when he heard the news that Jackson died, he was very sad and purchased some of Jackson’s mementoes on an online store because he really loves Jackson very much and Jackson’s spirit has deeply affected him. michael kors bags brown

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