Monday 15th April 2024
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

Conneaut Lake, PA — The Dietrich Foundation of Pittsburgh has awarded $3,199 to the Conneaut Lake Community Development Committee (CLCDC) for use in a planned expansion of audio/visual equipment at the town hall. The grant will also be used to purchase new tables and chairs for the town hall. The Girl Scouts of Western Pennsylvania and Ice House Park have also received grants this year from the Dietrich Foundation.

The borough council has approved advertising for bids to complete seven projects as part of a downtown revitalization project in Conneaut Lake. The project aims to keep the Barbara J on Conneaut Lake and improve other public amenities, such as the waterfront area at Water Street. The borough council voted to advertise the first of three bid packages this week, with a second and third to be sent out in the coming weeks. The first phase will be devoted to Water Street and Fireman’s Beach.

One of the more unique aspects of the project is a partnership with Allegheny College to bring a community arts component to the revitalization effort. The borough is one of 66 National Endowment for the Arts “Our Town” grant award recipients that are being partnered with Allegheny College to facilitate community engagement in a community-inspired art trail project.

The community’s involvement will be facilitated by the presence of artists, storytellers, and ethnographers who will work collaboratively with local residents to create a comprehensive fully engineered plan for public art installations along an arts trail. The community-inspired art trail will help connect people to the history of the area and increase the visibility and awareness of Conneaut Lake as a destination for the arts.

Another aspect of the project is to replace a gazebo on the waterfront at Water Street. The gazebo has been damaged by the wind and snow over time. The gazebo will be replaced with a more appropriate structure that will better match the architectural style of the surrounding buildings and make a visual connection to the Water Street business district.

The third aspect of the project is to enhance a new memorial park at Water Street. A new flagpole will be placed at the site, and a series of benches will be replaced with those that are consistent with the design elements of the revitalization project being conducted on Water Street. A new walkway will be constructed to provide safe access to the pier, and landscaping will be added to the pond area in front of the historic gazebo.

The remodeled historic landmark building will serve as a town hall and provide income generating potential through rentals of the lower-floor office space that can accommodate 125 people. Plans are already underway to host a dedication / open house event at the new town hall this spring. The remodeled town hall is tangible evidence of the revitalization that has begun in Conneaut Lake. conneaut lake concerts

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