Tuesday 25th June 2024
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Orthodontic treatment can provide more than a healthy, beautiful smile. Straightening crooked teeth can help address the causes of tooth decay, gum disease and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) discomfort. A TMJ that doesn’t function properly can lead to earaches and jaw pain, as well as chewing problems. In addition, crowded and misaligned teeth can lead to premature enamel wear and tooth loss.

Traditional metal braces are a cost-effective solution that have been used to correct tooth misalignment for decades. Now, with the advancements in orthodontic technology and materials, they are more comfortable than ever before. The metal brackets and wires apply gentle pressure to the teeth, slowly shifting them into their proper place.

A major concern for adults and teens with metal braces is food stuck in their teeth, which requires a special brush and floss to remove. In addition, a patient must visit their orthodontist on a regular basis to have the wires tightened and adjust their brackets.

Invisalign Woodland Hills is an alternative to braces that provides a clear, removable appliance to straighten the teeth. The Invisalign system uses 3-D computer imaging to map out a projected path of teeth movement and create a series of personalized aligners that work over time to move the teeth. Patients with Invisalign must come in to change out their trays, which is often done during their lunch break.

Lingual braces are placed on the back of the teeth, which means they cannot be seen when a person is talking or smiling. They are a great option for adult patients who don’t want to compromise their appearance while receiving orthodontic care. Braces Woodland Hills

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