Thursday 13th June 2024
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

Paper quilling is a delicate art that can be used to create gorgeous layered earring and necklace sets. Using a slotted tool and paper quilling strips, these projects can be completed in an afternoon. The paper is typically acid-free, which means that the finished project will remain bright and colorful for a long time. This quality also makes it an excellent choice for creating decorative frames for pictures and photos.

You can purchase specialty paper quilling strips online from sites such as Quilled Creations and Quilling Supply. However, it is possible to use normal craft paper for these designs if you are patient and have the right tools. A lightweight pair of scissors is essential, as bulky cutting snips are less than ideal for this delicate craft. You will also need a clay modeling tool, which you can use to shape and position coils, as well as a non-stick surface to work on. You will also need a small drop of clear school glue, or a white craft glue that dries clear, to use for gluing the coils.

The basic shapes that are made in paper quilling are either scrolls or coils. Coils are glued at the end, while most scrolls do not need to be glued. The end of a coiled strip has a curved tail that can be trimmed as desired. Licia Politis, who shared her beautiful lariat with us in this article, has also designed a minimalist flower stud that is very similar to the one shown above. Paper Quilling Jewelry

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