Tuesday 25th June 2024
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

If your home exterior is looking a little worse for wear, the time may be coming to give it a facelift. But before you put down a new coat of paint or even think about renovations like adding on an addition, you’re going to need to get the surface clean. Getting rid of mildew, mold, and dirt that’s accumulated over the years can help your paint job look better and keep your building healthier.

Pressure cleaning is a safe way to remove these contaminants without damaging the material. The blast of water from the nozzle at high velocity loosens and lifts debris, making it easier to rinse away. Using the appropriate soap and water combination also helps prevent damage to delicate surfaces, such as glass windows.

Before you turn on your pressure washer, read all instructions carefully to understand how the machine operates. Protect yourself by wearing a pair of safety glasses and closed-toed shoes. Move away from the spray area to reduce the force of the water near your feet, and cover outlets, light fixtures, or areas that can let water into your home with tarps. If you have a gas-powered machine, have extra fuel and oil handy to avoid an unnecessary delay in your project due to lack of supplies.

Decide which type of nozzle to use, and begin washing in small sections. Start at least 4 feet away from the surface and work your way up to it, moving closer as needed. It’s important to remember that backing away from the surface decreases nozzle pressure, regardless of the nozzle chosen. pressure cleaning

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