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Real estate photography is a blend of art and business, and it’s important to develop your artistic vision. Developing a consistent style and prioritising open communication with your realtor clients will also help you succeed in this lucrative career.

Interactive floorplans, drone shots and 3D renderings are all major trends hitting the real estate market. Investing in quality visual content will ensure you stand out from the crowd and maximise your marketing potential.


If you’re selling your house, it’s important to get high-quality real estate images. These can be used on the website and social media to highlight key features of your home. They can also be used by your real estate agent to promote your home to potential buyers.

Unlike other real estate agents who are driven by fads and advertising quotas, our real estate videography Christchurch team is based on principles of honesty, hard work and transparency. This enables us to deliver exceptional marketing content that is focused on your property’s unique characteristics and uniqueness.

The book looks at houses built in the 1950s to 1970s, and focuses on the style known as “Christchurch Style”. Gaudin, who is French-born but raised in Christchurch, and Arnold chose to focus on Christchurch because they believe that it was an epicentre for creativity at this time. The five featured homes, including the JH Elworthy House by Warren & Mahoney (1969) and HR Irving House by Hunt & Associates (1968), are all striking examples of midcentury modern design, but have been “overlooked for so long”. The book aims to change this. It features photos of each home along with their design history and a description by the authors.


If you’re selling your home, a good interior design professional will be able to help you create the perfect space. They’ll have a strong sense of your style and will be able to translate it into a functional layout. They can also help you pick the right furniture, flooring and paint colors. They may even be able to make your house more energy efficient. A home interior designer can be as involved as you want them to be.

Designed by Sir Miles Warren in 1959, Ballantyne House is a prime example of the Christchurch School of Architecture from the 1950s. The style was influenced by Brutalism and Danish modernism. Its current owners, Kristina Pickford and Michael Wolfe, are architectural historians. They’ve restored the property to its former glory. It features parquet floors, Miele appliances and Duravit fixtures. They’ve also added a music room and orangerie, which add to the home’s uniqueness.

Looking like something from a Grand Designs episode, this distinctive Z-shaped $9.5 million house is set to become one of Christchurch’s most expensive homes. Located in the suburb of Fendalton, it’s five times as expensive as the average Christchurch home. It has a three-car garage and gym at one end and living spaces at the other, along with a music room and orangerie. It also has two triangular outdoor spaces.


Aerial photos give a real estate agent an overview of the property and surrounding area. They can be taken by airplanes, helicopters or drones. They are an important tool for promoting a house and attracting potential buyers. Aerial photography can also highlight the location of the property, which is important for commercial real estate.

It is a great way to show the layout of the land and its proximity to other buildings and roads. It can also highlight any major points of interest, such as lakes and rivers. Aerial photos can also help potential buyers visualize the size of the yard and driveway. They can also show how close the property is to shops and restaurants.

Unlike virtual tours and 3D floor plans, aerial photos can be used for marketing purposes as well as for listing a home. They can be shared on social media and printed in local newspapers. They can help attract potential buyers and increase sales revenue.

Instantly understand the status of your property with geospatial mapping solutions refreshed frequently, up to twice a year. With imagery several years newer than free satellite images, Nearmap aerial view coverage delivers a consistently high level of detail that allows confident measurements and decisions without having to be on site.

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Aerial photography, video, drone and floor plans are major technological innovations in the real estate sphere. It takes time to master these tools, so it’s best not to jump on every trend right away. Instead, focus on perfecting the basics of each.

For example, when using a wide-angle lens, be aware of barrel distortion. This occurs when vertical lines start to curve or round at the edges of a photo, explains interior and real estate photographer Crosby Dived. It’s not ideal for real estate photos because it can make a room appear uninhabitable and off-putting to potential buyers.


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