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Whether you are an amateur or professional athlete, sports grip socks can be a useful tool in helping you improve your athletic performance. Designed with added traction on the bottom, grip socks help to improve stability and balance while also providing support to reduce the risk of injury. In addition, many types of grip socks provide compression and support to improve blood flow and decrease muscle soreness and fatigue.

Grip Socks: What Are They?
Incorporated into the fabric of grip socks are grippy pads that generate a “grip” effect on the bottoms of your feet. These grippy pads are typically made from some form of sticky rubber and increase the amount of friction between the bottoms of your feet and the surface on which you are walking, running or playing. This increased friction prevents you from slipping or sliding while in motion and allows for increased traction when walking, running or playing on slippery or uneven surfaces.

One of the most common benefits of using grip socks is that they help to prevent foot blisters. Foot blisters can occur from the constant rubbing of your foot against the inside of your shoes and are often a serious hindrance to athletic performance. Fortunately, the non-slip grip pads on grip socks eliminate this rubbing and prevent the formation of painful blisters.

Many athletes will cut the foot section of their team socks and wear them with their grip socks, ensuring that the grippy pads are in contact with the boot, rather than the team sock. This allows them to use a comfortable pair of grip socks even when their team changes kit suppliers or they switch clubs. sports grip socks

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