Wednesday 29th May 2024
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

Steroids Thailand is a term used to describe man-made medicines that closely mimic the effects of the hormone testosterone. Used for medical purposes, steroids can treat a variety of ailments and help the body balance fluids and activate the immune system. However, abused, they can cause a variety of side effects.

The ease of accessing performance enhancing drugs in Thailand and the cost of doing so lure amateur bodybuilders from as far away as Australia. A Brisbane youngster, Jarrad Fisher, admitted last year that he went on “steroid holidays” to Pattaya and other parts of the country to bulk up using a diet, exercise and supplement regime he could not afford in his home town. He said he grew from 70kg to a full-fledged bodybuilder, and would take drugs back to Australia to repeat his cycle.

But the booming black market in steroids fueled by Thailand’s lax regulations poses health and legal risks for users. International criminal networks have taken advantage of the country’s geographic position and its burgeoning pharmaceutical industry, establishing clandestine labs that produce steroids for distribution around the world.

Drugs sold in pharmacies in Pattaya are often advertised with brand names like Andriol and Testoviron _ synthesized variants of the naturally occurring male sex hormone. Combined with other substances, known as’stacking’, these medications increase muscle mass and can also lead to a decrease in sperm count in men. Other side effects include acne, a deepening of the voice and an enlarged clitoris. But most of these are reversible. Steroids Thailand

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