Monday 15th April 2024
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The best employee communication apps have a wide range of features that help businesses keep employees in the loop on relevant information. The most effective tools are easy to use, scalable, and support real-time, two-way conversations with team members. While email remains a crucial tool for workplace communication, using an employee communications app can increase the effectiveness of your communication by 10x.

Slack is a popular workplace communication platform used by millions of people. It has a variety of features including one-on-one messaging, a searchable message history, and the ability to create public channels for everyone or private ones for select teams. It is available on desktop and mobile devices and integrates with other software.

Yammer is another employee engagement app that helps connect staff informally via social media and encourages collaborative work. The tool is part of the larger Microsoft Office suite and taps into analytics to deliver targeted content to workers.

Nuovoteam PTT is a push-to-talk voice messaging tool for teams and enterprises that works with smartphones. It enables workers to stay in touch with their non-desk colleagues and field workforce, and gives administrators the ability to track user location and send emergency alerts.

StaffConnect is a professional communication app that lets admins broadcast news to workers and engage them in two-way discussions with a customizable feed. The tool also allows employees to post updates and images and share videos with colleagues. Its centralized content publishing studio makes it easier for administrators to create and publish content at scale, and its dashboards provide insights on how content performs.

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