Wednesday 17th April 2024
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

Whether you’re meeting with potential customers, business partners or clients, your professional identity plays an important role in building trust. Printed business cards are an effective tool for establishing a first impression and promoting your brand or company. Unlike digital strategies, business cards don’t require a smartphone or internet connection, and they can be easily distributed in any setting.

With our wide selection of paper types and designs, you’re sure to find the right card for your next business opportunity. Whether you prefer glossy or matte paper, we offer an extensive assortment of colors and sizes to choose from. We also carry a variety of textures, such as linen, to add an extra touch of class to your business cards.

Our easy-to-use online design studio lets you create your own unique business cards with just a few clicks. Start with one of our ready-made templates or upload your own designs. Once your designs are finalized, you can print and ship your cards in less than 2 minutes.

Use the PCB business card template to create high-quality, professionally printed business cards. Make sure to check the connectivity of each component before soldering, and clean your boards with a microscope and Isopropyl alcohol to ensure no solder bridges are present. If you need to apply text overlays, you should do it on layer 29 “tStop”, which is the solder mask that controls the top of the board. for Visitenkarten

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