Sunday 26th May 2024
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

Ordinarily sound is looked upon as a medium that gives certain information to the ears. After hearing some words we get knowledge about their meaning. Else we can infer regarding some activity or incident that has taken place. This then is well known data about sound. Yet if we delve deeper the power of sound in comparison to this is much more important than what is ordinarily inferred.

Modern science has categorized sound too as energy. Generally this energy reaches the brain via our ears and by vibrating centers apt for itself affects them by its own influence. It is with the help of such knowledge that daily life’s chores and activities go on ceaselessly. Via the medium of sound children get a chance to learn languages of elders. After this via the ears majority of other attainments of knowledge realm accrue. A deaf person is dumb too and his/her knowledge periphery is much less than that of blind people. Akin to grasping or imbibing, transmission and imbuing too is an important function. Generally the give-take of manifestations, requirements and inspirations is possible with the help of sound. Via writings no doubt influences can be imbibed but a major substratum of this imbibing has already taken place via the medium of speech. Writings have the power to do something only after a mental state is influenced by speech.

Research studies of modern science has attained further information with reference to this and has unveiled that the task of sound is not just limited to transmit knowledge but that it is filled with such terrific power that it can bestow both terrific benefits and dire results also. Due to chaotic upheavals the atmosphere becomes so agitated that those who reside in that area have to face both bodily and mental ill health. Day after day we all face dire situations emerging from uncontrolled noise emitted by machines, cars etc. As a result various solutions to get protection from this noise pollution are being seriously mulled over else it will pose immense threat to world public health.

On the other hand wholesome influence of useful and well managed sound also is being noted. The information regarding creative power of sweet nectarine music is augmenting day after day and it is being thought that how, in what measure, in which arena and in what manner can the benefits of this sound oriented wealth accrue. audio visual install

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