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The Ozark Trail Customer Service is a breathtaking hiking destination, complete with stunning vistas, diverse wildlife, and unique water features. It’s a place where you can trade neon for starlight, and traffic noise for the calls of coyotes and barred owls. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or first-time adventurer, the Ozark Trail offers an incredible experience that will leave you speechless.

The trail is broken down into 13 different sections, most of which are connected. The longest through section is 230 miles. The other sections range from just a few miles to over 20 miles. Some of the trail follows fabled rivers like the Current, while other sections meander through rugged, forested mountains. The trail can be found in Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas, and is open to hikers year-round.

A number of people and organizations are working to preserve the Ozark Trail for future generations to enjoy. In addition to maintaining the trail, these groups are also helping with research and education. They are encouraging local governments to support the trail. They are also working to improve the safety of the trail and increase its visibility. They are also making sure that the trail is accessible for everyone, including those with disabilities.

Although there are several different hiking trails in the area, the Ozark Trail is one of the most popular. It is a great way to explore the river valleys, forests, and mountains of the region. Hikers should be prepared with proper gear, food, and water when hiking on this trail. They should also carry a map and compass, as many of the areas along the trail are not well-marked. The trail is a great choice for those looking for a relaxing, peaceful getaway.

In 1913, William Hope Harvey of Arkansas established the Ozark Trails association. The purpose of this organization was to mark and promote automobile routes across several states. Its members included representatives from Texas, New Mexico, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri.

At its annual meeting in 1920, the Ozark Trails Association agreed to follow the lead of the national group in placing highway markers on the route. These concrete monuments were placed in Collingsworth, Childress, Hall, Briscoe, Swisher and Castro counties in Texas. In addition, they were installed in parts of Lincoln and Parmer counties in Oklahoma.

These monuments are a reminder of the importance of preserving this historic hiking trail. The Ozark Trail is a national treasure and should be protected for years to come.

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