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The sea is one of the most mysterious places on our planet. After all, we do know more about what is in space than we do in our own oceans from the ugliest fish I have ever seen, to some more dangerous creatures that honestly may be able to outsmart us all. On today’s top 10 list, we will be covering 10 creepy deep sea creatures that shouldn’t exist.

10.Deep Sea Creatures ” The Sea Spider”

 If you like me and you don’t like spiders living on land, well I have some delightful news for you.  They also live in the ocean.  they’re are even the giant ones that suck out the lives of their prey.  yup, they latch onto their prey for dear life and suck out any and all fluids they can get their hands on.  Their legs fans are about the same as one of the largest spiders on land such as the goliath bird eating tarantula.  

I should say, they are technically not spiders, the main difference being that they carry their organs in their legs. In fact, they are almost all legs though they aren’t very dangerous to humans, especially considering they live so far beneath the waves.  

They would definitely still send a chill down my spine thankfully they reside in cold climate waters mainly antarctica.

9. Deep Sea Creatures “Sarcastic Fringehead

In our number nine spot today, we have the sarcastic fringehead.  The sarcastic fringehead is a saltwater fish that is fairly small.  

They’re around 30 centimeters long and are fairly slender with very large mouths, they’re pretty aggressive fish and they are very territorial. 

When they fight other fish they press their mouths together and that’s how they can tell who the bigger fish is and the bigger fish just automatically wins the fight. 

These things honestly look like they shouldn’t even exist.  These fish like to make their homes in shells or small crevices and they have even been found to be living inside of humans littered soda cans.  Luckily they are so small they aren’t really a threat to humans but they’re just so creepy to look at.

8. Deep Sea Creatures “Gulper Eels

Gulper eels or pelican eels is another aptly named creature as it’s known for its massive balloon jaws.  They are black in color, and can usually reach around two to three feet in size or sometimes double that and live anywhere between ten thousand to sixteen thousand feet beneath the surface. 

unlike the fangtooth however it does have a little bioluminescent spot on its tail to help lure prey so it can open up its jaw and swallow them whole they also have really small teeth so they kind of have to gulper heels can inflate their jaw and stomach to almost two-thirds the length of their body.  

So they can consume prey larger than their body. Hence, the name gulper eels, that’s a great name, that’s terrifying though their primary source of food.  however mainly consists of crabs and shrimp and other small creatures.  So if they don’t thirst after humans I shouldn’t be scared right? wrong! what if they get tired of small game and realize the power that they are capable of just saying in.

7. Deep Sea Creatures “Atlantic Wolf Fish 

These guys are named due to their teeth and honestly you can totally understand why on both the upper and lower jaw they have like six sharp and strong teeth that honestly freak me out.  

Because of how strong their teeth are they tend to eat hard shell creatures like crustaceans and mollusks, and they are also important to keeping the sea urchin and green crab population in check.  The wolf fish like to stay mostly in one area and tend to live in near freezing temperatures. They have such a cool feature though because they live in such cold temperatures they have what is basically just antifreeze running through their bodies so that they don’t freeze up.

Even though they look super creepy, I do have to admit that that is pretty cool unfortunately these guys have a population that is quickly declining largely due to being accidentally caught by those who are overfishing.  The good news is that they are only a species of concern at the moment which does mean that there is still time to turn it all around.

6.Deep Sea Creatures “the northern stargazer

while the northern stargazer sounds like a very romantic name for someone who heads north to check out the northern lights. nope. we’re talking about this guy.

 This deep sea creature lives in the dark open waters of the Chesapeake bay, a region in Maryland, USA where salt and freshwater mix.

Stargazers have a flattened black and brown body with white spots along its back this compressed exterior is perfect for the way they bury themselves beneath the sand with just enough for their mouths and eyes to be exposed so they can keep an eye on food once something tasty catches its eye, it opens up its mouth creating a vacuum and sucks it down like a little snack its mouth faces upwards towards the top of its head and its eyes sit right on top.  

so, it can look straight up at the stars now the name seems clever. Look, they don’t eat humans, they eat mainly little fish and crustaceans.  they’re pretty harmless we should leave them alone but imagine just for a second you’re scuba diving and all of a sudden you just see this staring up at you. That’s enough to give you nightmares.

5.Deep Sea Creatures ” pacific viperfish

The pacific viperfish can be found at different areas in the ocean depending on the time of day they usually like to stay in the baffiel zone which is 1000 meters to 4000 meters below the surface of the ocean but at night time they will sometimes rise up into much more shallow water,  because there is more food for them to eat. 

It’s easy to pick out which fish is a viperfish because of the fact that its jaw is sticking out forward and then it has those extra long pointy teeth.  

The pacific viperfish is predatory and mostly eats other fish but will also chow down on crustaceans, plankton and shrimp.  The fish can grow to be about one foot long and are considered one of the most aggressive fish for its size.  I know it’s only one foot long but hearing how vicious it is coupled with how ugly it is,  I really just don’t ever want to be anywhere near this thing.  

One cool thing about these fish though is that, they have what is called ultra black  skin and it reduces the reflection of anything that is illuminated around them so that they can camouflage themselves easier in the darkness of the deep sea. 

4. Deep Sea Creatures “Fangtooth Fish

the fangtooth fish has a mouth full of razor sharp teeth perfect for clutching just about any size of prey in its jaw.

  That’s right Eddie, any size but it’s fine it’s fine they live in the deepest parts of the ocean, the deepest having me recorded at around 16000 feet.  That is until they just so happen to feel like migrating up to the surface for a little vacation unlike a lot of other deep sea dwellers, fangtooth do not have any bioluminescent organs to attract their prey. 

that’s because, they’re out the sit and wait kind of predator and instead seek out their lunch using their excellent sense of smell they are more active than most deep sea dwellers and heavily rely on any light that may seep into the dark home but oh i should also mention they’re also only seven inches long and not dangerous at all the humans we think. tiny but mighty as they say.

3. Deep Sea Creatures “Goblin Shark

Goblin shark is sometimes called a living fossil. because the rest of the family that this type of shark belongs to have actually all gone extinct not like its mom and dad kind of family, but the family that this species belongs to these sharks have pink skin and a long snout that sticks out really far and these really creepy teeth that are like nails.

When these sharks were first discovered by humans in 1910, the guy who is researching them wrote that this shark is certainly grotesque; they usually grow to be around three or four meters, which is 10 to 13 feet but in 2000.  There was one that was caught that was 6 meters or 20 feet long. These sharks tend to stay pretty deep in the ocean with the adults swimming even deeper than the young ones.  so they don’t tend to be a threat to our ways of life thank goodness.

2. Deep Sea Creatures “Anglerfish 

If you were wondering what the heck that big ugly fish was in the clip at the beginning of this video, that would be the anglerfish.  This bony fish is known for its luminescent horn that is used to lure other fish’s prey.  

Luckily, most anglerfish remain so deep in the ocean that they are not a threat to humans and even if they did live not so quite deep in the oceans , most humans would exactly be too big for them to indeed test to attack. so there that clear does not intend they are not insane to look at though.

1. Deep Sea Creatures “Colossal Squid

this one, already sounds like a horror movie ready to stand beside the likes of jaws godzilla and king kong the colossal squid is a real creature that lives in the darkest coldest depths surrounding the waters of antarctica.  This creature lives up to its name as it reaches an average of 46 feet in size and weighs around 500 kilograms.

I’m 5’5 so, if it decided to eat me it could fit eight of me inside of its stomach or more if i was in pieces.  Anyways, they also have large tentacles equipped with suckers that have little razor hooks on them to better latch onto its prey and, let’s just hope that its prey isn’t you. 

Its diet mainly consists of large fish such as the seven foot patagonian tooth fish and small ones and even consumes their own kind.  but they’ve also been known to try and consume larger prey like sperm whales who often have been seen with scars attributing to their battles they must have faced if you do decide to provoke one however make sure it’s not female.  Apparently they’re the larger ones.  so, to conclude they’re colossal, scary and ambitious.  what more could you want from a sea monster at least now if you ever wondered where the tales of the kraken came from you now know. fenben for humans

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