Tuesday 25th June 2024
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

You hear them on TV, in ads on the radio or online, on your sat nav on your car journey, reading you an audio book, or on hold when you call a service provider – they’re the voice actors behind those recorded voices that you can’t see. Voiceover artists, or voice performers, are the people with a distinct and captivating voice that bring scripts to life for various projects.

Whether their work is short or long term, a professional voice actor must be able to deliver a script in the required tone and attitude. They will often be asked to imitate a specific character, or improvise in the moment. They’ll also need to have sight reading skills, and be able to read a script quickly.

Many successful voice actors have been through formal training, or worked with a vocal coach or mentor to develop and refine their skills. They’ll be familiar with recording equipment, editing software and have a home studio set up to prepare for auditions or gigs.

As the industry is a freelance one, it can be hard to build up a regular income from voiceover work. However, forming a relationship with a company that is heavily invested in the industry (like an animation studio or video game developer) can lead to repeat work. They might be asked to record a particular piece of copy multiple times before their clients are happy, and will need to be flexible in the way they approach each session. voiceover artists

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