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Wednesday Addams Costume Shop
When it comes to dressing up for Halloween, the Addams Family fan favorite has a taste for all things dark and macabre. With her black dress, white collar, and hair in braids, she oozes witchy ancestor vibes. Fortunately, creating a Wednesday Addams costume is easy, inexpensive, and versatile enough to wear for a few more days beyond October 31. You just need a few costume pieces, including a black dress and accessories such as a spider prop and wig.

The morbid daughter of Morticia and Lurch has a love for all things dark, but she also has a taste for a preppy uniform that she re-interprets in her signature shade of black. Whether she’s at a boarding school or simply hanging out at home, this midi-length dress with Peter Pan collar will make you feel sophisticated and spooky. Pair it with a pair of classic Mary Jane shoes and a brooding look to complete your Wednesday Addams costume.

When the ghoulish family of Pugsley, Alice, and Fester come to dinner at their spooky mansion, Wednesday and Lucas implore them to act “normal” for one normal night (“One Normal Night”). Despite the request, the Beineke clan can’t help but be themselves, and chaos ensues. Become the elder Addams daughter in this classic Wednesday Addams costume, which comes with a puritan-style dress and a belt. Tie your hair into straight pigtails and finish off your look with a frown to fully transform into the spooky character. wednesday addams costume

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