Thursday 13th June 2024
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Dildos are sex toys that go inside the vagina, anus, or mouth and usually look like penises—although sometimes they only resemble one by an abstract resemblance. They can be shaped or slightly curved to stimulate the g-spot and prostate, and they can be made from a variety of materials, including silicone, rubber, plastic, metal, and break-resistant glass. They can be heated or cooled to provide different sensations, and they can even have veins and skin-like texture to enhance the experience.

Unlike other sex toys, which might focus more on clitoral stimulation, the dildo is designed to penetrate deeply into the vagina or anus, says sex educator and pleasure-based, queer-inclusive sex-positivity advocate Lateef Taylor. That’s why many people prefer to use a dildo the way they would a biological penis, thrusting it in and out with a great deal of force. Others, however, aren’t that interested in a deep penetration and instead prefer a less-traditional approach. “You can just insert it and clench around it,” Sloane explains, or you can use it to explore the textured surface, which some find particularly enticing. Alternatively, you can put the dildo in a water bottle or cup to suck against for clitoral pleasure.”

Some dildos have a flared end that prevents them from traveling up into the rectum and into the sigmoid colon, a potentially life-threatening condition. The flared end is also important for preventing the accidental swallowing of dildos, and is an essential feature for some people with physical disabilities.

In gay male culture, dildos are often used as detachable objects that can be inserted and left there, similar to a butt plug, or they can be double-ended for mutual anal penetration. Lesbian culture, on the other hand, has long had an anxiety about dildos looking too much like penises, a connection that can be traced back to feminist ambivalence about the relationship between lesbian sexual practices and heterosexuality.

Whether they look like penises or not, there’s no doubt that dildos have been a source of pleasure for humans since prehistoric times. Archaeological records show phallic ornamentation with dots and lines that may have been drawn by prehistoric men to express their pleasure, or simply as an art form. The Kama Sutra, a classical Hindu text, detailed a penile extension that could be used by men to satisfy themselves when they did not have a sex partner. Today, dildos are available in an ever-increasing range of shapes and sizes, with some that are so lifelike they even have veins. And thanks to a wider attention to the world of sexual pleasure, sexuality and kink, there are more dildos than ever before to suit every individual’s needs. A dildo can be an ideal sexual aid for those suffering from certain health conditions, medications, or menopause, as well as for those who just enjoy exploring their sensual potential in new and exciting ways. Besides being used for sexual pleasure, dildos can also be helpful for those who struggle with depression or anxiety. In fact, some sex toy manufacturers have begun producing dildos specifically designed to help women cope with mental illness, and the dildo’s popularity continues to rise among people of all ages, genders and sexual orientations.

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