Thursday 11th July 2024
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A file transfer is the transmission of a computer file through a communication channel from one system to another. This can occur locally, between systems connected to a network, or over the Internet. File transfer protocols exist to manage these processes.

CMS offers managed FTP and SFTP services via its external portals for file upload and download by end users (see Chapter 8 for more information on the CMS ePortal). This section applies to all files transferred between the CMS data centers or with external partners and does not include internal transfers within the bounds of a particular data center.

A number of software applications exist to manage file transfer between computers over the Internet, including the FTP protocol (see FTP client). The SFTP application uses the Secure Shell protocol to provide security and is often used in conjunction with other CMS services that require SSH access like FTPS, MoveIT, or the CMS ePortal.

Advanced file transfer solutions offer high performance capabilities to reliably move large, complex digital content between any destination and any source. They provide complete visibility into file movements to anticipate risks and ensure compliance with SLA commitments. They also encrypt internal and external transfers at multiple layers to protect data in motion and at rest. Upload files

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