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If your car is showing signs of aging or your paint looks dull or has swirl marks it’s time for a professional paint correction. This process can make your car look brand new! It can also help your car resale value because people will notice the quality of the work done and be willing to pay more for it.

What is paint correction?

Paint correction is the term used by professionals and enthusiasts alike to describe restoring and rejuvenating your vehicle’s paintwork. During this process surface imperfections such as oxidation, scuffs, scratches and light dings are reduced to leave a clean crisp reflection on your car’s paintwork.

These surface imperfections cause your car to look dull and lackluster and can have a negative impact on its appearance and resale value. While there are products that can be purchased to help remedy these problems on your own it is often best to have a professional perform the task. Not only will it guarantee a flawless finish but it can save you money in the long run by keeping your vehicle in its original condition rather than going through a respray process which does not offer a 100% match to your cars original color.

Swirl marks are caused by small particles making abrasive contact with the paint of your vehicle. This is typically due to improper washing techniques, poor quality cloths or impure water. These particles can then rub against the clear coat and create these unsightly looking scratch marks known as swirls. These can be very difficult to remove without risking removing too much of your paint or clear coat. However, with the proper technique and polishing products these can be minimized and reduced to leave a smoother surface.

During the paint correction process, all exterior surfaces will be prepped and decontaminated. This includes a two bucket hand wash with premium microfiber wash mitts to prevent the scratching of the paintwork. The wheels, tires and fender wells will be safety degreased to remove any contaminants that may have collected on the paintwork over time. A clay bar will then be used to remove any bonded contaminants from the vehicle’s paint, glass and lens. This is a very important step as it can cause damage to your vehicle’s paint if left unattended.

The next step is a single or multi-step machine polishing process to remove the remaining swirls, scratches and other defects. This is followed by a rim and tire dressing, interior vacuuming, full exterior and interior wipedown and detailing of the dashboard and center console. Your paint will then be topped with your choice of protection. Some of the most popular options are a ceramic coating or paint protection film. These coatings act as a sacrificial layer between your paint and the elements to protect your car for up to a lifetime. paint correction near me

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