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Do you want to impress your friends with your knowledge of wine? Most people wouldn’t know a wine aerator from a carburetor. You will know the value of wine aerators; but much more important than impressing a crowd at a party is the ultimate emotional and physical sensation of experiencing the fullest depth of the wine’s flavor and bouquet yourself… then sharing that with your friends.

Wine is unlike any other drink or food; there is an unparalleled uniqueness in its ingredients. This leads to a unique, romantic- like relationship between fine wines and their lovers. The personality of the wine is brought to it’s fullest state once the cork is popped and the vino greets the surrounding air. Through the use of wine aerators, just after the cork is popped and the first sip is taken, the vino’s personality is fully exposed.

That personality or wine DNA, now in full bloom through the aeration process will now allow maximum bouquet and taste, therefore providing the clues that were needed for an educated wine drinker to at least make a pretty good guess of the origin of the vino.

Wine aerators all have the same purpose, to best expose the bottled wine to the maximum amount of oxygen, which then brings about the highest degree of taste and fragrance, the bouquet as it is often called. Once the wine is uncorked it would then be poured, first through one of the numerous and varied in design wine aerators, from which it would then continue this passage to the wine glass just below.

Some wine aerators have the wine flow down through a cascaded configuration, supposedly ensuring better aeration, which is debatable. Some wine aerators actually are inserted in a wine bottle. Again, different manufacturers will promote their variously constructed aerators as being the best, the most efficient. This is where your research will best tell the tale, and there has never been a place to perform that better than on the Internet.

Those clues of origin after aeration might be subtle, they might be overt. You won’t get a printout, it will provide to you with though, through its now full bouquet, what an educated connoisseur of wine can then examine, dissect and interpret. It’s not boring lab work; it’s fun, and to many it truly is a kind of love affair of the senses of taste and smell.

If you are to truly become so knowledgeable about the history, the origin of the many great and not so great, but very worthy to drink wines of the world, you have access to more knowledge on Internet than ever before available. To the hard-core wine fan, it’s absolutely fascinating to learn the history of the many wineries throughout the world, well-known and not so well-known, big and small, centuries-old and upstarts.

Marry that knowledge with the fully aerated bouquet, that wine DNA, and you’ve consummated the marriage; to many it is one of the finer pleasures in life, to some it’s elevated to a religious-like experience.

Considering the relative low cost as a wine accessory, wine aerators are a staple acquisition, not just for wine connoisseurs, but for anyone who even just occasionally enjoys only a modestly priced bottle of wine. There is virtually no reason to not assure yourself of the most enjoyable taste and bouquet by taking such a simple and inexpensive final step of aerating the wine to ensure that ultimate pleasure. Willamette Valley tours

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