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A Custom dress shirt is a bespoke garment, tailored to exact specifications. It is crafted from a high-quality fabric, including luxury materials such as Egyptian cotton, Sea Island cotton, or versatile linens. A sartorial investment, it also includes one-of-a-kind weaves such as herringbone and twill. Unlike mass-produced shirts, these fabrics are designed to withstand wear and tear while retaining their shape and appearance for years to come.

Most people don’t realize that the dress shirt they wear sends a powerful non-verbal signal to others. It’s a statement about their personal style, professional ethos, and a host of other factors. It’s for this reason that a well-fitting dress shirt, made from premium fabrics, is the best way to convey the right message in any setting.

The Process
Modern bespoke shirt makers will translate your measurements into patterns using computer-aided design programs. The patterns are then cut from the appropriate fabric to create a prototype that is tailored to your specific body dimensions. This prototype is a good opportunity to make any adjustments necessary before the final shirt(s) are produced.

During this fitting, tailors will consider whether the shirt is meant to be worn untucked or tucked in, if you want a button-down collar, what type of cuff your prefer, and more. This is also the time to choose unique touches, such as monogramming or your preferred button material.

Once the fit is perfect and all of the customizations are made, the final shirt(s) will be stitched together by hand and delivered to you. Most bespoke shirtmakers will offer free alterations on the completed shirt to ensure that it meets your expectations. Custom dress shirt

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