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Most modern conservatories have some form of insulating properties, and although the conservatory will probably be cold in the winter, most people could survive without conservatory blinds temperature wise. That said, things feel better with blinds up that absorb the echo and create a more homely feel.

In the summer however, any insulating properties the conservatory has can often lead to insulating the heat inside the conservatory. Think of a green house, then double glazed to insulate the keep the heat in.

There are a few different types of blinds that are suitable for the sides of your conservatory. Rollers blinds are popular, but venetian blinds give you more control over the light coming in and are very stylish at the moment, but verticals are the most popular because they are not only versatile but also economical when it comes to covering a large area such as a conservatory.

Pleated blinds are the only real option for the roof. They come with specialist backings to reflect the heat from the sun back out before it has chance to get into the room. Perfect fit pleated blinds make good sense and we advise this option.

Perfect fit blinds come inside a frame. The frame fits around the glass panel and believe it or not requires no drilling. This means you don’t’ lose out on ay warranty. A thin piece of tin fits between the glass and the rubber seal of the window. The frame snaps into the tin bracket, with the actual blind fitted to the top of the perfect fit frame.

The other advantage is that the frame gives a uniform finish and blocks out any light or heat you normally get seeping through the edge of the blinds.

As the blinds will be in the roof it makes sense you can’t reach them, and so a number of options are available – a pole, and electrically operated “crank” handle, a manual crank handle or of course full remote control.

If you are looking for conservatory blinds then it is a good idea to call out a specialist blinds company. Some even specialise in roof blinds which is even better, and there is one great company online you can get a quote from – you just need to supply some basic details about your conservatory and they can give you a quotation in no time and have the peace of mind that an expert surveyor and fitter will be doing the job for you.

Colin Staplehurst is the owner of Conservatory Blinds Shop which are based in Swindon and operate from offices throughout the UK. Conservatory Blinds Shop is a family owned business who take great pride in providing quality products at very competitive prices. solid conservatory roof

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