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Replacing a conservatory roof is an ideal way to give your home’s extra living space a new lease of life and add value in the process. However, it can also be a significant investment. The costs involved can vary significantly depending on the type of roof you choose. But, with careful planning and some savings you can afford a beautiful new conservatory roof that will make your property more valuable.

You can replace your conservatory roof with glass, polycarbonate or a solid tiled roof. A solid roof is the most expensive, but it’s the most energy efficient and will help you cut down on your heating bills too.

Before you decide to go ahead and have your existing conservatory roof replaced it’s advisable that you get an accredited installer to survey the structure and advise you on the best solution. This will ensure that the structure can take the additional weight load of a solid or tiled conservatory roof. Also, a survey will allow you to establish whether the existing walls can be reinforced to accommodate the increased height of a solid or tiled roof.

A conservatory is classed as a ‘permitted development’ and therefore does not need planning permission. However, if you are planning on changing the shape of the conservatory or making structural changes then you will need to contact your local authority for guidance.

The average cost to replace a conservatory roof is between PS12,055 and PS19,925. The price varies according to the type of roof you choose and the condition of your existing structure. Glass is the cheapest option while polycarbonate and tiled roofs are more expensive.

If you have a uPVC conservatory, the replacement costs will be considerably less than a timber or traditional orangery. However, if the structure is rotting or damaged beyond repair then it might be better to spend the extra money and install a new conservatory from scratch.

You can replace a conservatory roof with a plastic or insulated roof that’s made from recycled materials. These types of roofs are eco-friendly, thermally efficient and can reduce noise. Generally, they’re the most popular choice for replacing old conservatory roofs.

The average day rate for a roofer is PS300-PS500 per worker and will depend on your location. Roofing specialists in London, for example, will charge more than those in the North of England. The best way to find the cheapest price is to get 3 quotes from vetted conservatory roof specialists in your area. Complete our short form in just 30 seconds to start comparing prices now. Click the button below to start. We only connect you with reputable installers in your area, so you can make sure you’re getting the best deal. We’ll arrange for you to receive up to 3 no-obligation quotes from your local roof specialists for comparison – completely free of charge. It’s easy to find the best cost to replace your conservatory roof – just fill out your details now. cost to replace conservatory roof

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