Tuesday 28th May 2024
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

Whether your product is already in the shop or you’re trying to take market share from a rival, in store marketing can help. From window displays to product promotions, in-store marketing can increase brand awareness and encourage undecided customers to buy your products.

The four key components of in store marketing known as the four Ps are promotion, price, place and product. When these are used cohesively together to create a robust strategy, you can boost sales and increase customer loyalty.

In addition to traditional promotional material, digital methods such as video walls can be effective in store marketing tools. They allow retailers to engage with shoppers in a way that can be hard to do on the shop floor, but they also come with a number of downsides, including high upfront costs and a need for regular maintenance.

Many businesses have incorporated in-store events and workshops to boost their in store marketing. For example, Sur la Table holds cooking classes in its stores to showcase the quality of its kitchen equipment and products. These classes attract a lot of people who then purchase cooking products, increasing in-store sales.

In-store technology has been used to promote products in a more targeted way, such as using a robot that can greet customers at the door and offer details of a specific product. In-store tech also allows you to collect data on your customers, allowing you to tailor future campaigns. This is an area where a solution like Tokinomo can really come in handy, providing real-time data that you can use to improve your campaign.

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