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There are a lot of basic tools available that are used in repairing watches. The starting tools are a pair of good tweezers and screwdrivers. The other essential tools that normally come in handy are

– a good lamp,
– a comfortable working area( generally a table)
– cleaning solvents,
– oil,
– a knife,
– toothpicks,
– versatile adhesive material,
– special stones for sharpening your screwdrivers and tweezers,
– a set of measuring tools
– And don’t forget the emery cloth which is a must have in a toolkit.

If you are passionate on watch repair then don’t forget nippers, punches, pliers of different shapes and sizes, hand pullers, a demagnetizer and also a watch case opening and closing tools. There are some more specialized tools like the truing caliper and a timing machine and a polisher and also a lathe if you take up watch repair seriously.

Here are a few tools that are explained in detail

Tweezers: it is a good idea to start with a style 2 or 3 tweezers because they are easier to handle and you can use them on delicate watches as well. Nonmagnetic tweezers that are manufactured by the Swiss are rated the best as they will not rust nor will they have any delicate steel parts of the watches sticking to them. The demagnetizer will help you in case such a problem occurs. The tweezers should be sharp and parallel, otherwise even a little bit of extra pressure will see the delicate parts jumping out of your tweezers. A fine stone can be used to sharpen your tweezers.

Screwdrivers: this is an important tool in a watch repairman’s kit as it plays the important role in dismantling and re-fixing the delicate and minute parts of a watch. The Swiss screwdriver is a safe bet because they have revolving tops that are easy to use. If you find them expensive or if they do not fit in your budget try the French screwdrivers they are too are good. India and Pakistan also manufacture screwdrivers that are pretty cheap but don’t forego on the quality.

Cleaning solutions: a good commercial solution, preferably waterless is recommended during watch repairing and cleaning. Most of these cleaning solutions contain carcinogens that can be harmful to your health. Peg wood sticks also known as toothpicks are useful to clean the jewel holes in old pocket watches. Nowadays you get ultrasonic machines and other cleaning machines. That will assist you in cleaning the dirty parts and all you have to do is examine the clean parts and re-fix the watch. Care should be taken while cleaning as the parts may be old and delicate.

Oils: Oil plays a very important role during the cleaning process. These oils are exorbitant but they generally depend upon the size and category to the watch. The first breakthrough in synthetic watch oil was developed by Elgin. These oils are not available in the market today. Moebius which is a Swiss company is known to make very good synthetic as well as natural oil that aids in watch repair process. Battery for tag Heuer watch

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